Addiction: making changes, moderation, and quitting

The decision to stop any behavior that you feel is harmful – be it drug or alcohol use, smoking, unhealthy eating, or anything else – is an important decision filled with anxieties and hope.  If you are considering making a change in your life, you may feel nervous about embarking on such a challenging journey alone.

Sometimes when you are quitting – or have quit – emotions and memories feel stronger and are at times overwhelming.  The everyday stress of life can be hard to handle without the substance or behavior that has been so present up until this time.

For these reasons, the times when you are thinking about change, getting ready to stop, or in the process of quitting are all very helpful opportunities to start therapy.  We can do a Change Consultation, assess your readiness to change, and begin to work on your plan to stop – or stay stopped.  We will also explore how it feels to have stopped, and practice living a life that feels right to you.

I work with a range of approaches to addictions, from harm reduction, moderation management, to abstinence.  I believe that therapy itself is where the most important work can happen when facing addiction.