Many people begin therapeutic work with me because they are ready to make a change, but do not know how or where to begin. I work to create a warm, confidential, and respectful space so we can explore the issues and challenges that are most important to you.  I believe that therapy is an opportunity for healing, growth, exploration, self-improvement, and change.

Sometimes life changes, our past histories, work stress, relationships, and family problems can become stressful or hard to manage. This can lead to anxiety, depression, or unhealthy ways of coping.  I will help you work through the challenges of life, developing insight and understanding as we establish new skills for coping and strategies for sustaining change.

I am a licensed clinical social worker with over ten years of experience providing therapy services in New York City.  I can help you with the issues that are most important to you, such as:

• Anxiety                                     • Depression                   • Addiction                                            • Moderation                             • Work problems            • Grief
• Health                                      • Eating Disorders          • Communication and Relationships



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